FunFairs (Carnivals)



A FunFair is the term we use to refer to a School Carnival or similar events.  The basics of a FunFair include the use of our carnival games, our festive booths, and a prize program. When using a prize program, we provide you with guidelines on how to play the games and how to fairly award prizes.  Prizes can be distributed at the games themselves, or we can create a point system and have the prizes distributed at a redemption center.

Any event that uses our games, booths and prize programming is automatically eligible for discounted pricing on any added equipment.

In addition to the games, booths and prizes, we can also provide concession machines, dunk tanks, inflatables, generators, tables, chairs, and other equipment that you may want at your event.  We will deliver and set up the equipment, but you then have the choice of staffing the equipment with your own volunteers or we can provide staffing if you need it.

Here are a few documents that may provide more description and detail to our services:

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