Bounce Houses & Inflatables

Bounce Houses, Bouncy Castles, and other types of Inflatable units are a great way to keep kids entertained during parties, carnivals, corporate picnics, church or community festivals, or just about any other social event in which kids are in attendance.

Our inflatable units are well maintained and fully insured.  Whether in a city park, a school or the back yard of a house, we will deliver the unit to your event and complete the setup.  You can choose whether you want to pay us to staff the inflatable or get a volunteer to staff it during your event.  We will provide clear safety instructions and take down the equipment when your event ends.

Bounce Houses:

Castle Bouncer ($100/day)
Castle Bouncer 13’x13′ ($100/day)


Mickey's Fun Factory 15'x15' ($120/day)
Mickey’s Fun Factory Bounce House 15’x15′ ($120/day)


Looney Tunes 15'x15' ($120/day)
Looney Tunes Bounce House 15’x15′ ($120/day)


Big Orange & Blue Bouncer ($120)


Hello Kitty Bouncer ($120)
Hello Kitty Bouncer ($120)


Disney Princess Bouncer ($120)
Disney Princess Bouncer ($120)


Pink/Purple Castle Bouncer ($120)
Pink/Purple Castle Bouncer ($120)


Cars Bouncer ($120)
Cars Bouncer ($120)


Justice League Bouncer ($120)
Justice League Bouncer ($120)


Camelot Castle - Brown or Blue ($120)
Camelot Castle – Brown or Blue ($120)















Water Slides:

Run n Slide ($200)


Tsunami Slide 18′ ($250 dry / $300 wet)





Rainforest Rapids Dual Lane Slide ($235 dry / $275 wet)


Summer Splash Slide ($250 dry / $300 wet)


Shark Escape Slide ($250 dry / $300 wet)


Roaring Rainforest Slide ($250 dry / $300 wet)


Dolphin Bay Splash Water Slide ($350)













Obstacles and Interactives:

4-Way Joust ($250)
4-Way Joust ($300)


Obstacle Course 30′ – Red Bottom ($300)


Obstacle Course
Obstacle Course 30′ – purple bottom ($300)


40′ Obstacle Course ($350)


Basketball Equalizer ($200)



3-Lane Bungee Run ($250)












Dry Slides and Combos:

20′ Vertical Slide ($300)


22′ Vertical Slide ($350)


Vertical Slide w/Rope Climb ($300)


5 in 1 Bouncer/Slide Combo ($200)












Generators can be rented as well for an additional charge.  Once we know what you are renting, we can suggest which generator fits best based on how many things need power.  The general rule is for cost expectation should be $25 for each thing that needs to be plugged in.  There are some exceptions but that will give you a good estimate.  We currently offer the following units:


Black Max 3550/4550 $50/day


Can power up to 2 blowers
Champion 3500/4375 $50/day


Predator 3200/4000 $50/day


Coleman 5500/6875 $75/day


Predator 7000/8750 $100/day
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