Helium Rentals

Please NoteAll helium prices are subject to change due to the global shortage of helium and the randomly increasing cost from our supplier.  Helium is a natural gas and therefore subject to scarcity.

*These prices are effective as of 6/5/19.  There has been a national shortage for several months but only now has the scarcity of helium caused our prices to increase for time since 2014.  We will monitor the situation closely to make sure our pricing is fair and competitive.



(cubic foot)
9″ Balloons 11″ Balloons Rental Deposit Tank Height
(in inches)
20 cu ft 50 to 70 25 to 35 $45 $100.00 18″
55 cu ft 175 100 $110 $100.00 30″
90 cu ft 300 160 $175 $100.00 42″
122 cu ft 435 225 $230 $200.00 48″
137 cu ft 500 260 $255 $200.00 52″
219 cu ft 800 400 $400 $250.00 57″

Click here for a PDF of current helium prices

 Short Term Rentals:

We offer 6 different sized tanks to fit your specific needs.  Terms of the rental period will be determined within contract.  The normal rental time is 1-3 days, but can be up to a week in some cases.  Additional rental time can be paid for ahead of time at the rate of $1/day, $5/week, or $15/month.  Deposit is fully refundable once the tank is returned safely and on time.  Deposits can be in the form of cash, check, or an imprint of your valid credit card to be kept on file.

Long Term Rentals:

For size 219 cu ft tanks only, the price lowers to $375 per tank if you set up a monthly account.  This is great for businesses or schools that want to have a helium tank on site at all times.  A monthly fee of $10 is charged to keep the tank on site.  Only pay for a new tank when you run out and need a refill.  We expect to deliver these larger sized tanks to your location, although you are welcome to pick up new tanks and return empties directly to our Tempe location.  Please call for further information on setting up a long term account.

                    We also sell balloons!
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